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Sunday 14th April 2024

Unique Crowdfunding & Property Investment Opportunities

A). Invest for a year and have the option of getting your money back plus a guaranteed 20 per cent on top.

  1. Smallest stake possible £5,000.
  2. Interesting project already well under way.
  3. Four viral (existing) videos already being discussed with youtube etc re development.
  4. Big catalogue of home-grown songs already in demo format or complete. plus up-and-running analogue studio and production facility. run by a crew with vast experience in the music
  5. Business: musicians, recording engineers, band leaders, ex-names and future names.
  6. Various session men who’ve worked with all the big names offering offering services free or for knock-down rates – and they’re interested !
  7. One of the markets with special opportunities for us with our command of languages is the Indian/Chinese/Japanese internet market, which is approx  2 Billion in its own right although we will be punting our project to the entire web.

B) Other Business

  1. The other section of our business is Yacht Hire –  lots of interest here…
  2. We have access to five yachts – 35feet, 29feet, and three 20-footers, some owned by ourselves, based on the south coast Portsmouth/Solent area and the River Thames at South Dock Marina immediately opposite Canary Wharf.
  3. Many of the music guys are experienced mariners very familiar with these waters and we have other people available too who can help. Just like the guitarist Dave Edmunds, whose Rockpile Studios were only accessible by boat, we’ve a lot of people who like the idea of a couple of boat trips thrown into their recording package – good for the creative process. of course we take non-musicians too !

C) Property Investment in West Sussex

We have lots more info available eg lists of session musicians and what they’re famous for, background of ourselves and names we have worked with, details of where we’ve worked, details of successful books already published and ones ready to go, and of course the nuts and bolts of the business –

– As much more information as you want !

Hope you find this interesting and I hope it whets your appetite !

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Here are some of our self-penned music tracks & Outoftheblue Live Gigs

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